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Club Notices

Press Release 4/8/2014 – IKF Grand Nationals

Press Release 5/8/2014 – IKF Nationals Sponsorship

Hoosier Tires

The spec tire for SO Karters is Hoosier R60. If you need to purchase Hoosier Tires please contact Andrea at 541.944.0750 .

Rules Changes for 2013

80cc Shifter Masters – 385 lbs. minimum weight*
World Formula Masters – 395 lbs. minimum weight *
TAG Masters – 420 lbs. minimum weight
KT 100 – 370 lbs. minimum weight
Rotax Mini Max – 265 lbs. minimum weight*
KT 100 – Clutch or direct drive, pipe or can run together
Shifter Class Tires – Hoosier R60
Rotax Mico and Mini Tires – Mojo White D1
All other class tires – Hoosier R60

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