Practice Rules



Track and pit area will be Closed from June 9th to the 12th for resurfacing. 

Dear Southern Oregon Karters,

In order for S.O.K. to comply with our insurance we need to change how we allow club members and non-members to practice.

Beginning this past weekend every person practicing or in the pits will need a wristband and will need to sign the insurance waiver forms and minor release forms.

The wristbands are good for 4 days. Members can stop by Monster X and purchase a practice day wristband for $10 and pit pass wristbands for $5. When you purchase your wristband(s) you will be given the current lock combination in order to open the gate.

Example #1: The next race is scheduled for Sunday, May 25th. If you want to practice before race day, you can get your wristband on either the Thursday or Friday before the race and be able to practice all weekend. Show your wristband at registration to get a $10 credit. The wristband must still be on your wrist in order to comply and get the credit. (You will only get a $10 credit if you purchase your wristbands within the 4 days before a race day.)

Example #2: You want to practice, but it’s not within 4 days before a race. You still must purchase a wristband for $10. You will then be given the current lock combination and will be able to use the track for 4 days starting the day you purchase it.

Example #3: If you are not a member of SOK and want to practice your wristband will be $35 per day.   A current SOK member must be at the track accompanying any non-members to adhere to our insurance. Non-Members will need to give at least 48hrs notice in order to use the track.

If you have an extra person(s) who will be joining you in the pits but won’t be driving they will need a pit pass as well for $5 per person.

Monster X is located at 4921 Industry Dr. Central Point, Oregon, off Vilas Rd. They are open MondayFriday 9am-4pm.  Call Monster X at 520-705-2226 with questions about wristbands and waivers for practice.

Thank you for your patience as we put this new procedure in place to ensure that the club is adequately insured.

SOK Officers and Board

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